Lost wax casting

Lost wax casting is a labour-intensive technique that we employ in the production of steel and stainless steel products where dimensional accuracy is essential.

The process
With the lost wax casting method, products can be manufactured very precisely with relatively low investment in casting tools. Before production can commence, a precise mould must be made. Wax is injected into this mould under high pressure, producing a detailed wax model. To produce 100 end products, 100 wax moulds are also required. These wax products are attached to a casting tree. A solid ceramic layer is then applied to the models using several steps.
After the wax is liquidized again at a high temperature and poured out of the ceramic casing, the ceramic casing serves as a casting mould. The wax can be reused.
The ceramic mould is then filled with liquid metal. After the metal has cooled and hardened, the product’s ceramic skin is removed. The final step is to grind off the casting tree joints.