Injection moulding

One of our many specialisms is injection moulding, a method for forming a product by injecting metal into a mould under high pressure.

The process
This fully automated process begins with the mould. Made of tool steel, the mould is used to produce castings of materials with a lower melting point than steel, e.g. aluminium alloys or Zamak. During the production process, the two halves of the mould are pressed together by the injection moulding machine. Another part of the machine then injects the liquid metal in the mould under high pressure. After filling, the mould is cooled, fixing the metal into shape, and the product can be taken out of the machine.
We set ourselves apart by making castings that are powder coated to meet very exacting visual requirements. This is a process that very few suppliers can deliver at the quality level demanded by the automotive industry. We produce parts for various uses including the interiors of several trucks.